How I Recovered from Coronavirus in 10 Days

I remember, there were 2 employees from the office as well who had a fever for several days and cough. Though on the day they were tested, they were already healthy, the result turned out to be positive. What breaks my heart was they were crying once hearing the result, I noticed in their fear is not just about Covid itself but also about how If they must be hospitalized and they couldn’t afford it. Yes, the swab test in Jakarta is extremely expensive, it ranges from IDR 800.000–2.000.000 , with the minimum wage in Jakarta is Rp 4.276.000. It is already at least 25% of monthly salary, not including the medicine and second swab test yet. That makes me sad. Who can afford it!

These are the chronologies of my recovery process:

The vitamins I took everyday:

The key takeaways after chatting with friends who caught and doctors:

Remember Spanish Flu in 1928 killed 50 million people at that time which was extremely worse than this. In today’s world, I have a faith the vaccine will be invented in at least 1–2 years (I keep praying for this!)



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