Finding My Passion

Photo taken from “Ikigai” Book. Author: Hector Garcia and Albert Liebermann

I never certainly know what I like. I knew that I am relatively good at several aspects, but everything is just on average, be it cooking, singing, playing the guitar, writing, academics, organisational skill. I was not that active in the community during my high school and college.

It turned out once I finished my Bachelor degree, I worked in Citi. It was for six months period I was assigned as Telesales and Acquisitions Analyst at Global Consumer Group Division. Most of the time, I dealt with Excel, doing a routine job on my desk. The first three months, I felt awful! Not the firm, Citi for sure is renowned for its prestige. But it was me, and I felt my days were meaningless, and after three months, I told my parents that Every morning like a nightmare cause I didn’t enjoy the work. Because of that, I doubted my skills excessively. I wondered where should I work, what is my strength, whether I was not capable enough. If graduating and I couldn’t survive my working life in a corporation.

Six months passed at Citi, and then I pursued my Master degree with a full scholarship in London. After graduating, I was, however, still baffled about where can I contribute my knowledge and skills. Nevertheless, I felt empowered when I am with a group of people to share my stories. Then I applied to be a lecturer to teach Entrepreneurship cause I wish Indonesian students would also get learning experiences like what I encountered in London.

One year passed. When other people or my students asked why I wanted to be a lecturer, I love to teach. Deep down in my heart, I wasn’t sure yet. However, two years passed, I realised I enjoyed becoming a lecturer (and I liked it too). Those comforts made me look for something more challenging.

When I got an offer to start a startup from scratch, I took the risk with excitement. I was aware that teaching is one of my passions. Thus I’m still doing it as a part-time lecturer. I am more uplifted when sharing my knowledge and education caused by teaching; I’m learning from my students. I wish my students would do better than me.

Presently I am on my full-time job run a startup named Meyer Food (It’s a social commerce platform for cold chain products where we empower housewives to be financially independent). I am still unsure 100% whether this is what I want, But I have a belief that it will be something Big one day. Also, I become more passionate when doing experimentation with business models, joining a startup competition and represent Meyer Food or talking to potential investors. Though it was very frustrating on my 365 days, I noticed why I kept doing it. Cause maybe this is my other passion in the startup industry, to do something agile, make a quick decision, grow fast and wisely.

A few days ago, I read the “Ikigai” Book; It gave me a relief to read one page that says that Nobody knows what we want in our entire life. It makes me feel better in searching for my passion and enjoy the process. I never unsure 100%, but What makes me keep pursuing is when what I am doing give an impact and change someone’s life and world.



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